David Bogle

CEO of Hightown Housing Association, and Homes for Cathy representative

David Bogle is Chief Executive of Hightown Housing Association and Chair of the Homes for Cathy group

Hightown Housing Association operates in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, owns over 7,200 properties, has an annual turnover of £108 million and employs over 1,000 staff – mainly in 85 care homes and supported living projects.

Hightown builds around 500 new affordable homes a year to house homeless people and those in housing need.

The ‘Homes for Cathy’ group of around 100 housing associations and housing charities works with Crisis and others to encourage housing associations to do more to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping and to lobby for more resources to end homelessness. See www.homesforcathy.org.uk

Twitter: @david_bogle